"SKM’s Brisbane office has been using Barrier Reef Services since 2010 to support our marine ecological monitoring projects in the Mackay and Hay Point region. After being recommended to us by another vessel operator in Mackay, their reputation for professionalism and hard work has proved to be totally true.

Their vessel, MV Delphi, is an 18.4 m aluminium fast workboat. Delphi is always well-maintained and clean, and we have never experience any delays to our work due to a malfunction of any of Delphi’s equipment. Her ample workspace, winch and davit, hydraulic duckboard, well-shaded back deck and 240V mains power all make her ideal for our work, whether it is taking sediment or water samples, conducting underwater video surveys or supporting dive operations. Delphi’s speed also help get the most out of every work day. Delphi has also been very comfortable on the occasions when our teams have needed to overnight on the vessel. And the food’s usually pretty good too!

Both Rabbit and Chris are fantastic people who have gone out of their way to accommodate our demanding schedule changes and diverse uses of their vessel. Without them we would never have been able to achieve the results we have. We highly recommend Barrier Reef Services for marine operations out of Mackay."

SKM - Brisbane